AED-SICAD forum: Neue internationale Ausgabe

AED-SICAD forum: Neue internationale Ausgabe

Success with GIS

Die neue, internationale Broschüre der Reihe as-forum ist erschienen. Aus dem Inhalt:

  • UT V10.2.1 R3
    Special Apps and Functional Design
  • Multi-Utility GIS for the City of Vienna
    AED-SICAD implements ArcFM UT in the branch electricity
  • UT Smart Apps Significantly Improve Processes at EWE NETZ
  • Web-Based Integration with TC Network Management Software
    FairNetz, Germany, integrates successfully cableScout data using ArcFM UT Server JavaScript Client
  • Click-Before-You-Dig at the Saarländische Kooperation
    GIS-based underground line information system
  • Protecting Critical Infrastructures
    In Focus: The Security of Web-Based Applications
  • Hazard Evaluation
    LEW Verteilnetz GmbH (LVN, part of RWE, Augsburg, Germany) evaluates the potential hazard of existing poles using a Web App
  • The Multi-Utility ENRW Rottweil Decides to Implement the UT Product Suite
    The flexible UT data model facilitates a swift migration
  • DMS Integration at FEWA
    GIS as a System of Engagement
  • The Transmission Company UETCL Expands its GIS Use
  • Successful Implementation of ArcFM UT at Mainova
    AED-SICAD introduces a modern network information system
  • Integrating Powerful Esri Apps
    UT Integrator helps to bring these into the correct place within an Enterprise IT Landscape
  • Syna Implements GIS EGM of RWE Group
    Enterprise GIS Solution based on ArcFM UT
  • SAP signs partnership with AED-SICAD and certifies UT Integrator
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